The Mapmaker Chronicles quote #2

The week that was: travel books and top 10

It's time for my (supposedly) weekly update on how The Mapmaker Chronicles: Race to the end of the world is travelling, as it makes its way out into the world. Behind the


What do you blog about?

Puppies and roses… what do you blog about?

When I wrote this post earlier this year, it was in response to a question that I'm often asked: what should writers blog about before they are published? Now that

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Could this be the best app for kids ever?

Mr9 has a new crush. Fortunately, it's not (shudder) a girl (his mum is sooooo not ready for that), but rather an app. Specifically, myCreate, which allows him to make

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•The first book in THE MAPMAKER CHRONICLES, my first series for children,
is out now! Book two will be published in April, 2015.

•Let's meet! I'm the special guest at the next Australian Writers' Centre meet up in Sydney on 2 December - come along!

Book Club


Pink Fibro Bookclub: November book selection

This is just a short post to announce that the November book selection for the Pink Fibro Bookclub is... The Miniaturist, by Jessie Burton, which has been described as

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Does my brain look big in these?

I am wearing my new reading glasses as I write this. They feel strange. The world is both clearer and more blurry. Depending on where I look. I take them off. My

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Social Media for Writers


Social Media for Writers #3: Facebook

Love it or hate it, there's no doubt that Facebook is an integral part of our lives these days - which is why writers can't really afford to ignore it (much as we may

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