-Everybody walks past a thousand story

Where do ideas come from?

"Where do you get your ideas?" I'm pretty sure that if you canvassed a group of authors this would be the number one question that each and every one of them is asked.


bookshop display The Mapmaker Chronicles

The week that was: watching from the sidelines

It's a funny thing, sending a book out into the world. All you can do is give it a kiss, wave it on its way, and watch from the sidelines as it makes its own path. This

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Could this be the best app for kids ever?

Mr9 has a new crush. Fortunately, it's not (shudder) a girl (his mum is sooooo not ready for that), but rather an app. Specifically, myCreate, which allows him to make

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•The first book in THE MAPMAKER CHRONICLES, my first series for children,
will be published on 14 October, 2014.

•I'll be appearing at the Nowra Library on 18 October, 2014, at 2pm, to talk about THE MAPMAKER CHRONICLES and to eat cake! Join me!

Book Club


Pink Fibro Bookclub: We Are Called To Rise, by Laura McBride

Despite my best efforts, the school holidays and the impending launch of The Mapmaker Chronicles conspired to ensure that I did not get this month's book finished. I

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Does my brain look big in these?

I am wearing my new reading glasses as I write this. They feel strange. The world is both clearer and more blurry. Depending on where I look. I take them off. My

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Social Media for Writers


Social Media for Writers #2: Twitter

I love Twitter. I do. And that is why it is featuring in this, the second in our series on Social Media for Writers. When I started this blog three and a half years ago,

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