Small details

The first week of the holidays has passed in a blur of small details. The joy of the first school-holidays milkshake. The look on Mr7's face - half pride, half



Missing. In Action.

I have been thinking about this post for three days. Well, not this post, specifically, but a post, any post. In this week's episode of So You Want To Be A Writer,

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Growing more than plants in my garden

If you've been visiting me on Facebook lately you'll have been subjected to privy to some lovely happy snaps of my garden. I am currently surrounded by, inundated by,

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Get Paid to Write

My new ebook: GET PAID TO WRITE

I’m thrilled to introduce my new e-book GET PAID TO WRITE: The Secrets of Freelance Writing Success. More than 60 pages of tips, tricks, motivation and inspiration for just $14.95. If you’ve ever wanted to ‘pick the brain’ of a professional freelance writer, now’s your chance. [More ...]

Book Club


Pink Fibro Bookclub: The Shadow Year, by Hannah Richell

I do love the first of the month. Ahead of us are at least 28 fresh, clean days, unsullied by mistakes and drama. Really, anything could happen... It is, of course,

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This one time, at Jedi Training Camp…

So Fam Fibro took a little random holiday over the past week or so. We had to head waaa-aaa-ay north for a family function, so we took the opportunity to build in a

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Social Media for Writers


A blog post decided by Twitter

Sometimes it's good to remember that blogging is supposed to be fun. When you get caught up in the schedule of it all, it can seem a relentless chore. Particularly when

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